Clinical Trials

clinical trials

A sample of current and newly added clinical trials include:

  • Long term efficacy and safety for bronchial thermoplasty (PAS- Boston Scientific)
  • Endoscopic lung volume reduction (RENEW trial- Pneumorx)
  • Intrabronchial valves (IBV) for LVR in Severe Emphysema (EMPROVE Trial- Spiration/Olympus)
  • Electromagnetic guidance systems for TBBx
  • EBUS guided TBNA
  • Tracheomalacia pathogenesis and treatment
  • Using novel OCT instruments to detect mucosal tumors, evaluate lung parenchyma and characterize mediastinal LN

Current Trials


IBV valve-EMPROVE studyThe IBV Valve is a small, umbrella-shaped, one-way valve that is placed inside the airways of a lung. It is used to redirect air from the less healthy to the more healthy parts of the lung. We are participating in the EMPROVE trial. For more information click here.




Zephyr Endobronchial Valve (EBV)- LIBERATE studyLIBERATE – Endobronchial Valve Study
The purpose of this study is to evaluate lung function changes and overall safety of the Pulmonx Zephyr Endobronchial Valve for treating people who have severe emphysema.




How it Works | PneumRx, Inc.

PneumRx Coil_flip_RENEW StudyThe RePneu Coils are made of Nitinol, a biocompatible, shape-memory alloy. After being straightened for insertion into the lung, they gather up and compress the diseased lung tissue surrounding them as they return to their original shape.

The benefits for patients of RePneu Coil treatment include improvements in exercise capacity, lung function and quality of life. A growing body of clinical and commercial evidence demonstrates that Coil Treatment provides significant and sustained benefits for a broad population of emphysema patients.

To learn more click here.


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