Research Opportunities

Interventional Pulmonology-related and medical device development research is an important aspect of our program. Collaborations with many manufacturers and device developers exist. Many clinical trials are ongoing at any particular time and active participation of the fellow is expected. As a part of the research team, the fellow gains experience in designing and conducting animal and clinical research studies as well as establishing budgets, etc.

The IP fellow is expected to be actively involved in IP related research and present results in conferences and publications.


We participate in clinical research aimed at improving care for patients with a range of chest disorders.


Our research areas include:
• Endoscopic lung volume reduction
• Electromagnetic guidance systems for diagnosis of lung  nodules
• Long term safety and efficacy of bronchial Thermoplasty
• Tracheomalacia pathogenesis and treatment
• Optical coherence tomography (OCT) in the diagnosis of central airway lesions
• Research in identification of genetic alterations in small samples and bodily fluids to guide    personalized cancer treatment

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